Experience true inclusion with our people-centric solution. Our approach focuses on creating a bias-free and discrimination-free environment where everyone thrives. We believe in making the world a better place one company at a time, one interaction at a time. By fostering a more inclusive work environment, we empower businesses to not only improve performance but also become better organizations. Discover the benefits of our inclusion score for your company today.

Mapping the structure

We’ve developed an innovative way to measure inclusion by looking at how people behave instead of relying on self-reported data, which can be biased. This is how we see and measure inclusion: we look at the connections.

The new way to do people analytics.

Unlock the power of AI for company culture analysis with our cutting-edge algorithms. Our AI tool creates a digital twin of your company culture, using data generated on a daily basis to identify the drivers and barriers to inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Our research-based methods, combining systems thinking, organizational network analysis, and communication theory, provide valuable insights to enhance inclusion in your organization.

Encouraging results.

Experience the benefits of data-driven AI analysis with our innovative algorithms. Our approach analyzes social structures of organizations in great detail, without the need for surveys. Utilizing daily produced data, our 360° scan of company culture provides objective and transparent results. Our systems approach allows us to uncover hidden hindrances, structural problems, and pain points within your organization and present them to you for actionable insights and improvements.