Our insights are based on finding patterns and trends in the communication metadata which is a huge resource that companies constantly produce and never utilize. We take this data and analyze it to provide a 360 degree view of the entire organization. This means that the insights we glean are objective and up-to-date and based on the current digital trends happening in the company.

Based on decades of research into Social Network Theory, Communication Theory and Machine Learning.

How can we help you?

Diversity & Inclusion

We are re-defining the way companies reach their wellbeing and DEI goals. The solution to your DEI pains are hidden in the troves of data companies are producing everyday. What we do is easy: harnessing the power of our advanced algorithms and AI, we untangle the mess that is interaction data, and find the threads and patterns at the roots of your DEI pains.

Employee Experience

Over the last few years the world went through unprecedented changes and it transformed society, economy and business. Along the way businesses realized that employee experience is as equally important as customer experience. The urgency of investing in employee experience has become all the more evident with an increasing number of employees preferring to work from home. Our tools provide continual analysis and insights to help C-suit drive resilience and wellbeing in an increasingly disruptive environment.

Communication & Collaboration

How many meetings are too many? How many emails before work is lost in communication? How long are the most effective meetings? Effective communication and collaboration are one of the biggest hurdles companies face in the hybrid workplace era. We analyze the communication and collaboration trends in the data to identify the sweet spot where effective and optimized communication and collaboration takes place.