About Us

Our story

Jolint is the result of hundreds of conversations over the course of two years between the two co-founders. With divergent research and academic foci, one qualitative and other quantitative, it took us some time before we arrived at a perfect balance and a seamless synthesis of our ideas took the form of Jolint. We are trained in different academic fields but throughout our collaboration, the focus remained the same: Creating better workplaces.


Klaudia Mur

A data-scientist and degrees in physics and Complex Adaptive Systems. The way we interact, communicate and collaborate fascinates me to a degree that I decided analyzing these interactions is going to be my job. Making someone’s life a bit easier along the way is icing on the cake.

Faheem Shah

“Communication constitutes organizations”, is what prompted me to write my thesis on organizational communication. In retrospect, my journey with Jolint started with that sentence. I have degrees in international politics and communication studies.