Creating better workplaces

We help companies devise data-driven strategies to scale diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Our innovative solution measures inclusion and enables you to take action with real impact.

About Us

Jolint was created with the clear goal of synthesizing the potential of diversity of cultures, ideas, experiences and research into one coherent method to foster healthy work environments where everyone thrives.

People-centric approach

At the root of all our services is one singular focus: A better world where everyone thrives, where bias and discrimination becomes a thing of the past. We can’t change the world with one big scoop but we can change it one company at a time with our data-driven DEI technology.

The game changer

How do we change the world? The answer lies in our interactions and how we communicate and collaborate with others in teams and groups. We analyze these interactions to find patterns, trends and co-relations at the root of DEI pains.  

Changing the world, one company at a time.

We help you understand the social fabric of your organization.

An innovative way to measure inclusion beyond headcounts, paired with actionable insights.

A 360 degree view, based on digital behaviour data.

Information overflow or isolated? Insights on how to make hybrid-work work.

What can we do for you?

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